The Rome Tourist Page

The view from the top of Gianicolo is well worth the effort.
Ok, the bus ride!!

A similar view from Gianicolo, this time at night.

Another view of the Colosseum.

Inside, this area was actually under the arena which had a wooden floor...

... these chaps would appear through trap doors to dispose of their hapless victims.
See the movie "Gladiator".


There are a number of these columns scattered around Ancient Rome...

... they are covered in intricate, if somewhat violent carvings.


Basilica San Pietro, the largest church in the world...

... a closer view of the tourist scramble.


Once past the scramble and security the inside is magnificent ...

... just look and admire the incredible craftsmanship ...

... and remember where the money came from.

If you are feeling energetic you can climb to
the top of the cupola (dome).
The view is incredible!!

St. Peters at night, I don't fancy paying the electricity bill!!

Close to St. Peters, Castel St. Angelo.

The Forum, ancient Rome's seat of power.
Images of Cæsar being murdered and
Nero fiddling...

...actually, Julius was done (by Brutus et al) at Largo Argentina, 
excavated in the early part of the 20th century and now a 
cat sanctuary.