Old and New Rome

As I've mentioned previously Rome is an ancient city. Unlike many cities the 20th century has had little effect on many parts of town.

Piazza Colonna.


Piazza Venezia.

Further archeological diggings mean it is no 
longer possible to get close to the steps.

Almost no changes here, except for the road sign.

Another view of Piazza Venezia.


Termini Station.

This page contains photographs taken around 1900, where possible I've visited the locations and taken a similar photo today.


Ponte Nomentana.

The area is now built-up with many houses and apartment blocks, the view of the bridge is obscured by trees which were only seeds when the earlier photo was taken.


Judge for yourself how little or how much Rome has changed in 100 years, compare it with where you live.

Via Del Tritone.


Castel St. Angelo with St Peters 
in the background...

... just a few more trees.


Another view of St Peters, this time from Villa Doria Pamphili


This view (from the front door of the villa)
is no longer accessible to the public.
The iron railing is still there although the view is now 
partially obscured by trees.


Via Baccina looking towards the forum...

...no cars.


Via Giulia outside Palazzo Farnese...

... different vehicles.


Via Nazionale looking towards Piazza Della Repubblica.

Stay tuned, more modern photos are being added to this page all the time as I locate and visit the sites.

Anyone who can identify the unknown locations please drop me a mail, if you have photos of these locations these would also be appreciated, I will, of course, credit any that I use to the photographer.