The Emperors Page

Emperor Tiberius (AD14 - AD37)

Quoted as saying "I don't care if they hate me so long as they obey me", if 'they' didn't obey him they had their legs broken.

He came to a sticky end, suffocated, probably by one of his helpers.

Emperor Caligula (AD37 - AD41)

Emperor Caligula's real name was Gaius, Caligula was just a nickname meaning 'little boot'. Apparently this was because, as a child, he enjoyed dressing up and playing at being a soldier.

Caligula enjoyed nothing more than a good bloodbath in the Rome colosseum. But the wild animals had to be kept alive until the day of the show. This was very expensive, so Caligula found a cheap supply of fresh meat for them..... he fed the animals on criminals.

For the first six months of his reign Caligula was so popular that when he fell ill the whole of Rome went into mourning. But they got even sadder when he recovered, nice Caligula had gone totally mad.

Caligula tried to make his dear friend Incitatus a senator, Incitatus would then become one of the most powerful rulers in the Roman Empire.
Incitatus was his favourite horse.

In the end one of his trusted guards stabbed him to death, others went to the palace where they killed his wife and daughter.

Emperor Claudius (AD41 - AD54)

Emperor Nero (AD54 - AD68)

Emperor Vitellius (AD69 - AD)

Vitellius, one of Tiberius' paid 'companions' became emperor in AD69. But Emperor Vitellius (known as 'The Glutton') only ruled for a matter of months before he was dragged half-naked to the forum where he was tortured, killed and tossed in the river Tiber.

By evil emperor standards he was not that cruel (although he did starve his mother to death), it was his greediness that made him unpopular.

Vitellius stuffed himself three times a day. At one of his banquets 2000 fish and 7000 birds were served.

He liked to snack on pike livers, pheasant brains and flamingo tongues.

Emperor Domitian (AD81 - AD96)

Emperor Domitian's favourite hobby was developing new methods of torture, his favourite was barbecuing people's naughty bits!

In his spare time he liked catching flies, spearing them with his pen and tearing off their wings.

Domitian wasn't a particularly trusting sort. He even had all the pillars in his palace made from reflective marble so he could see what was going on behind his back. He must have forgotten to polish his pillars, because palace guards burst in and hacked him to death.

Emperor Heliogabalus (AD204 - AD222)

Emperor Heliogabalus' hobby involved collecting cobwebs... by the ton