Rita and Jim Crook's Malaysian Adventure

February 10th 2000, Mum and Dad (Rita and Jim) arrived in Malaysia after 12+ hours stuffed into a 747 with 350 other people. It was a "Baptism of Fire" for mum, she'd never flown before.

Rita & Jim at KLCC
you can just see the bottom of the Petronas Towers.

This chap is HUGE, about 6" across.

With all those legs watch you don't trip.

Lush greenery at the butterfly park.

A fake whale in the kiddies play area outside KLCC, very safe loads of security and cleaned out every day, wish we had things so good in the UK.

Rita is the one in the green top.

"One at a time please"
Try some video, Rita with monkeys:-

Real Media (373K) fair quality.
MPEG 1 (3379K) brilliant quality.

Central Market,
this former "wet market" is now the
"Art Market" loads of tourist tat to buy.

The local LRT station,
Taman Jaya.

Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple.

Rita and Jim with jungle.

It's a Scarlet Ibis, honest!

Our local temple, Thai Buddist faith.
Get in touch with God with

More Thai Temple.

Inside, beautiful carvings.


I don't know what it is, luckily
it landed on the outside of
the window.

Chau Kit market, everything you
could ever want to eat
(and some things you may not)
6.00AM on a sunday.

I've got whopper of a chopper.

No Boss, it doesn't need
refrigeration, it's not dead yet.

Bananas anyone?
Local fruit, small and sweet.

Storks or Cranes with young at
the Bird Park.