Various scenes from Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia

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Although KL is a modern metropolis there are still areas of incredibly
poor housing. This lot is near to Abdullah Hukum station. Oddly there are
often rather nice vehicles parked outside these squats.

Featuring the worlds highest McDonald's 
Menara Kuala Lumpur is the 
fourth highest free-standing tower in the world.

The view from the top is breathtaking.
The odd coloured building at the base of the towers is the KLCC shopping centre. 

A nice afternoon, relax in the garden
under your coconut tree with a
long cool drink.
Note traditional Malay houses on
stilts for natural air-conditioning.

A classic view across KL from
Bukit Damansara.



A slow, hot, noisy and expensive alternative to your air-conditioned car, fun though, and you have to say you've done it.
I was unable to discover the significance of these dragons, any ideas, drop me a mail. 
It's a zoo out there, 15th June 1999 Setiawangsa station.
The teeming hoards queue for a free ride on Phase 2 of the PUTRA LRT.
1st July 1999, 06:30am, the end of the free rides.
Chris becomes the first "paying" passenger at Masjid-Jamek station. 

I've given up trying to work out what each parade is about. One or two a month pass my apartment, usually early on sunday morning ....

.... and always accompanied by lots of drumming and gong bashing. 

If you don't own a truck as a base for your float, never mind.
Use a motorcycle and sidecar instead!

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