The KL Page

We arrived in KL at the end of August 1998, at less than 24 hours notice. The boss said "KL for 2 weeks", never believe what the boss says. I finally finished in KL, June 2000, a pretty long "2 weeks".

Pasar Seni (Central Market) Station, the white building with the onions in the right backround is the main K.L. railway station.

The PUTRA LRT is the longest fully automatic driverless railway in the world.

Viewed in conjuction with the map above,
this shot gives an idea of the size of the LRT.

Links and things

Go here to see some of my pictures of KL and Malaysia. There are more of my pictures here.

PUTRA have an excellent website, visit for lots of pictures and facts about the system.

Shop till you drop, bargain hunting for beginners.

This year (1999) the Hindu festival of Thaipusam fell on Sunday January 24th, click here to see pictures of the event.

Round 1 of the world motorcycle championship was held at the new circuit at Sepang, close to the K L International Airport, click here to see pictures of the action.

In common with most of Asia life in Malaysia revolves around.... FOOD. Just like Hong Kong and Seoul food is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Follow this link for an insight into eating in Malaysia.

October 15-17th 1999, the first ever Formula-1 Grand-Prix ever held in Malaysia, go here for pictures of the event.

7th November a major fire sweeps through a squatter colony in Damansara, pictures here.

February 2000, Mum and Dad arrive in K.L for a well earned holiday, piccies are here.