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Rice is the staple food of most Malaysians though noodles cooked in various enticing ways also constitute a major portion of their diet. Rice is eaten with a wonderful range of meat dishes to arouse the taste buds.

Various unique sweets and desserts are also made using special local ingredients such as "santan" (coconut milk), "gual melaka" (palm sugar) and "pandan" (screw-pine leaves).

Rice Nasi Lemak - Santan rice with prawn, egg, cucumber, fried anchovies, roasted peanuts and sambal (hot chilli).

Nasi Padang - Rice eaten with a selection of curry meats, fish and vegetables.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Fragrant rice with boiled, roast or soya chicken.

"Ngah Poh Fan" - Rice in claypot with chicken, sausages and salt fish.

Fried Rice - Rice fried with meats and vegetables.

Nasi Briyani - Rice cooked in ghee with spices and vegetables.

Indian Breads:
Roti Canai - Unleavened bread eaten with curry gravy or dahll.

Murtabak - Unleavened bread filled with various meats, spices and onions

Noodles Mee Rebus - Noodles with meat, prawns, vegetables and beancurd in curry gravy.

Johor Laksa - Noodles in boneless fish curry gravy with raw vegetables.

Wantan Mee - Noodles in soya sauce with prawn dumplings (wan tan), roast pork (char siew) and vegetables.

"Ngau Lam Mien" - Noodles in beef soup with beef balls.

Assam Laksa - Noodles in spicy fish gravy with raw vegetables.

Mee Goreng - Noodles fried with curry powder, tomatoes, beancurd and eggs.

Rojak - Salad of flour cakes, beansprouts and cucumber in spicy peanut gravy.

Meat Satay - Barbecued marinated slices of beef, chicken or mutton with rich peanut sauce and "ketupat" (rice wrapped in coconut leaves).

Rendang - Dry curry of chicken, beef or mutton.

Chicken Kurmah - Chicken curry in delicious gravy.

Roast Duck - Roasted duck in gravy.

Steamboat - Raw meats and seafood served and cooked in a hot pot at your own table.

Spare Ribs - Roasted pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce.

Tandoori - A north Indian speciality of lobster, chicken, beef, mutton or prawn roasted in a special clay oven called a "Tandoor".

Kheema - Minced mutton cooked in spicy hot gravy.

Marsala - Fish, chicken, beef or mutton cooked in thick curry gravy.

Dessert Goreng Pisang - Fried banana fritters.

Lepat Pisang - Rice flour cakes with banana filling wrapped in banana leaves.

Bubur Kacang - Green beans with "santan" and "gula melaka".

Red Bean Soup - Mung bean soup flavoured with "pandan" and "santan".

Peanut Creme - A thick creamy soup from roasted peanuts.

Malai Chop - A light, melting desert or stuffed cream cheese.

Channa Jilapi - A delicious sweet made of cream, milk and spices.

Mango Sherbet - A desert of mango and nuts.


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