Various scenes from Hong Kong

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The "Star" ferry has been chugging across Hong Kong
harbour for just over a century. Practically every movie
ever filmed in Hong Kong has featured a scene involving the ferry.
Q. What do you do with the laundry when you have no garden? 
A. You stick it out of the window!!! 
 Wanchai Market. 
Bargains for all (if you can get near the stall) 
 Feeling tired and run down? 
Cool herbal tea will fix all your problems.
A watchful pair at the Peninsula Hotel
 The Lantau Fixed Link at Tsing-ma is the longest single-span combined road / rail suspension bridge in the world, it carries 6 lanes of traffic and 2 rail lines to the new Hong Kong airport at Chek Lap Kok.
A clear night and a long exposure time give some marvelous pictures from 
Victoria Peak. 
Views from "The Peak"are just as spectacular during the day. 
The "Peak Tram" funicular railway is the best way to the top.
Unlike Macau, Hong Kong's rickshaws have virtually dissappeared, the few remaining rickshaw boys are more ready for a photo opportunity than a real fare. 
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