This is Songkran


Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year celebrations, take place during April 12 - 15. Across the country, it's a time for laughter and entertainment ... for religious ceremonies and merit-making ... for families and friends. And of course for splashing water -- lots of it!


Songkran, three days of madness when Thais of all ages load up the pickup with the largest container they can find, fill it with water, and then drive around throwing the contents at other pickups, motorcycles, cars and anything else that takes their fancy.  

In common with everyone else, my wife wanted to visit her mother, as the driver I was along for the ride.


We arrived at Mum's house in Ayutthaya mid morning ...

... of course, food was being prepared.

  Once well fed it's off to the local Wat (temple), where more food is available should you be hungry, after all it has been at least 20 minutes since you last ate.
At this stage everyone is reasonably clean and dry...

... this state does not last for long.

The monks have set up some entertainment, the sound system would do many rock bands proud, this is one of two speaker stacks.  
By now, most people are wet and suitably painted "for luck".

And, of course there is more food available, just in case...

  It is essential to go well armed, otherwise anything could happen.
The serious bit, a few minute's prayer.  
It can get hot, so take a quick dip in the khlong to cool off.  
  The young monks make sandcastles, sorry, sandwats.
The local fire department brought their own 'water pistol'.  
  The Budda image arrives having been paraded around the town...
... and the firemen 'anoint' the crowd.
  "Beer in a bag"...
Flower scented water anoints the Budda, which then gets paraded around the Wat.
  Once you've finished, back home for, guess what, more food of course.

All ready for next year??