The Plant (a miracle of nature).

Herewith an extract from a mail to a Canadian friend who used to live here:

'The Saga of Sid's Sandwiches'

Being good Brit's we keep up all the hygienic traditions like washing our tea mugs at least once every two weeks.

Well, it it was on one of these auspicious occasions that we washed our cups and a plate that our old marketing Director - Sid, had been using for a cheese and tomato roll that he had obviously smuggled into the country ( this is Korea - you tell me where you can get a genuine cheese and tomato roll from!)

As part of the traditional hygienic fervour, having finished with the washing up water, we - yes - you guessed it - throw it out of the window

We are after all, only on the eighth floor.

This is not as bad as it sounds, there is a ledge outside containing things like pigeons, pebbles, some spoons which got thrown out with the water, etc etc.

"Ere thats a tomato plant"

We cannot actually get onto the ledge without removing a window - hence the spoons, gently moldering away in the Pure Corrosive atmosphere of Seoul.

Mother Nature - produced a miracle - the ledge due to the decades of Guano (if thats how you spell it) has become a little garden for weeds etc.

One of my more horticultural colleagues was gazing out of the window some months ago, and exclaimed:

"Ere thats a bl*#*y Tomato Plant"

He was right!! - So it has been our main duty to water the plant everyday - The temperature on the ledge has reached at least a hundred on many occasions.

The plant flowered, the same horticultural expert announced that we must fertilize it. With unbounded ingenuity and a meter ruler with a tissue paper fixed to the end. We did a Houdini contortion act out of the window, and attempted to imitate a bee - there are none in Seoul its too polluted!!

To cut a long story short - We Have Two Baby Tomatoes !!

Of course we are now waiting for the great moment when we can eat them.

And perhaps repeat the cycle.

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