The Seoul Page

I lived in Seoul between October 1995 and January 1998, please read my experiences and look at my pictures. The heading picture is a view from my front door in Hannam 2 Dong, central Seoul.

Click HERE for some unusual pictures of Korea.

Click HERE for the more regular pictures of modern Korea or HERE for pictures of old Korea.

Need to get around the city? Click HERE for a first hand view of Korean public transport. Or visit Magic Mike for a view on driving in Seoul.

After that bus ride you must be hungry, click HERE.

We have met many people in Seoul, meet some of them (Western) HERE.

Click this link to read about a miracle of the Natural World.

Visit Ruby's Bar, a very special place.

If you like the Neon Sign let me know, if you want one for your Web Page Email me with what you want, wording, sequence, colours, font, size, etc. it will only cost you a link to this page, don't be too ambitious as the files can become too large for reasonable download speeds.

Some Korea oriented links

Magic Mike, another engineer living in Seoul.

Come to the  Seoul Pub where you will find some crazy drinkers.

The official Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Visit Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit (SMRT) the operator of Lines 5,7 & 8. Line 6 will be operated by SMRT but will probably not open before 2001.
Or go to Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corp (SMSC) the operator of lines 1, 2, 3 & 4 (the Line 1 trains run on KNR tracks outside the city centre).
Try the KNR (Korean National Railways) site who operate the national rail network along with the Pundang line which is an extension of Line 3.

These sites are much improved over the last months with much more English text and interesting facts although they could do with some more pictures.

To view Korean characters if you do not have Hangul (Korean) Windows you need KSC support from NJstar.

Follow this link to learn some useful Korean phrases (you will need NJstar to get the best out of this link).