Various scenes from our time in Seoul

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Namhansansong, walled mountain fortress, the ornate watchtower on the south gate.

Namhansansong, walled mountain fortress, this wall is 10 metres high and 5 km long around the top of Nam Han mountain.

This is what happens if you stay in Korea too long. The gentleman is Chris, one of our software engineers, the lady (who during this ceremony became his wife) is Seung Ha, very pretty she is too.

Korean Folk Village. Korean manor house, only the very rich could affort to live here.

Korean Folk Village. This is more the type of house that a rich farmer would live in, very cramped by western standards.

Korean Folk Village. This chap is making the long stemmed pipes favoured by the older generation which are in evidence in many traditional Korean paintings.

Korean Folk Village. Traditional hand weaving, the loom looks primitive but the resulting cloth can be amazingly fine quality.

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