Various scenes from our time in Seoul

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This is Namdaemun gate (National Treasure number 1), probably the most photographed building in Korea, the gate is currently undergoing restoration and is not visible being surrounded by scaffolding.

Tongdaemun, this is the Korean version of a "Car boot sale" all sorts of junk is on sale here. There are bargains to be had in the form of antique objects but there are also rip-offs for the unwary. The market spreads out at least two lanes into the expressway. I am assured (by locals) that the structures in the background are "safe", I'm not so sure.

Chunchon Lake, around 100km NE of Seoul, very pleasant countryside. Sit by the lake eat, drink and relax.

Got a business? Then you will need a sign, neon of course. The sign in the left foreground is for Dong Won Cham Chi (Tuna) an excellent restaurant.

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