Various scenes from our time in Seoul

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This "vehicle" was spotted at Kodok dong, it is apparently used to collect refuse. There has been much discussion about the efficiency (or indeed existance) of any form of braking system.
An amusing sign with a serious message, the plate below gives the date and time of an accident together with how many were killed, a stern warning to others. 
Window cleaning Korean style. This gentleman is EIGHT floors up!
You can buy almost anything in Tongdaemun Market, this shop sells diesel generator sets.
Effective roach bait, this chap arrived the day after the "Roach Man" put down bait, it was the first we had seen in the office for two years.
Subway construction, Myonmok station (Line 7) April '96. 
Subway construction, Sagajong station (Line 7) April '96
Subway construction, Suraksan station (Line 7) April '96.
The water is from a broken pipe (sewer) in the road above. 
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