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What is this site all about?

This page contains the views, exploits and photographs of a British Ex-pat Engineer (me). Forgive me if some parts are a little (?) cynical but 9 years in Asia does something to a man, permanently! I was mad before, now I'm completely crazy.

I have included a selection of photos on each country page along with useful (although normally inane) information. I try to use pictures of the more unusual areas or of places where the general public can't go (transport depots, subway construction sites etc.), there are plenty of other sites with photos of the touristy bits of all my locations. You may notice that many of my picture are public-transport oriented, something to do with my job ;-).

I am part of a small team of engineers working on the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems (that's ticket machines to you normal people) of various bus, rail and subway networks around Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Currently I am 'resting' between projects, a new project to upgrade the Mae Klong commuter line to full double track, mixed traffic operation will be starting early in 2005.

For people who are interested in railway systems and equipment (there must be some) and for further details of the projects mentioned in these pages go to for the lowdown on just about any metro system in the world.

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This page will ALWAYS be 'Under Construction' so visit often for updates and new pictures.

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